USMC Eagle Globe and Anchor

We understand how difficult it is to shop for the marine in your life. But as hard as it might be, we believe you will certainly exceed their expectations with this USMC eagle globe and anchor whiskey decanter.

This is not your everyday decanter. It is a magnificent piece and definitely something worthy to marvel over.

It will not only have everyone admiring the craftsmanship that went into its making, but it will also have them thinking about what’s inside.

Don’t get the marine in your life just any other decanter in the market, get them this decanter that not only defines their character but also stands out to meet their expectations.

The EGA decanter will make a perfect gift to the veteran, a marine, or the special person in uniform.

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Detailed information about USMC Eagle Globe and Anchor

It is beautifully crafted and made of thick glass to ensure that the liquor stays safe and sound inside.

Moreover, the decanter is 100% lead-free, and they will not have to worry about lead and other harmful toxins getting into the drink.

It is durable and approximately sized to hold 1000ml of any of their favorite liquor. In addition, the decanter is designed with an airtight glass stopper which ensures a tight seal.

This way, air will not mix with the liquor and affect the purity of the drink. The decanter maintains the pure essence of the liquor by sealing it in to avoid evaporation.


It's capacious

It has a sturdy wooden base and an airtight glass stopper

Comes packaged in a prestigious box