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Eagle Sculpture on Wood Base

Whether the veteran in your life is your husband, wife, dad, mom, daughter, son or a special friend, he/she is a brave heart person. They selflessly and courageously left a comfortable life to serve our country.

But remember this, the tough exterior is nothing compared to what they have gone through to fight the enemy. Their dedication is beyond measure.

Needless to say, they make our country a safe place, and while the entire world recognizes and celebrates them, it’s our duty as their loved ones to show gratitude with occasional veteran gifts and treats.

Ever heard of a saying that ‘Once a soldier, always a solder?’ A veteran will always remain to be a military person at heart.

So how about you let them show pride for the defense forces with this skillfully sculptured eagle crown by Sunshine Megastore?

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Detailed information about Eagle Sculpture on Wood Base

The bald eagle, which is a veteran emblem represents strength and power. It is a symbol of authority and an image of freedom.

Whether you are celebrating a veteran or commemorating an Eagle Ceremony for your child, or you simply want to show some national pride and perhaps pay homage and support to our military troops, this eagle statue will do the job perfectly as a symbol of patriotism.

It will look absolutely cool on display. Be it at the office desk or study room, on the mantle, dresser or anywhere else the recipient deems fit to display it proudly.

You can use this eagle statue as a table decoration or a cake topper for your son's Eagle Court of Honor ceremony. It will without add a bit of class to the event and make him proud of his achievement and his country.

This eagle statue is absolutely stunning. It is meticulously sculptured and crafted using polyresin material.

The bald eagle delicately sits on a wooden base, spreading its wings graciously as if it to usher in freedom surrounded by unfurled stars and stripes.


It is sturdy and has quite a good weight on it

A great military/veteran gift idea

Makes an impressive display

A great décor during Eagle Court of Honor ceremony