BarMe Whiskey Decanter with Dark Finished Wood Stand

There are a lot of hedonists out there who would like to store their spirits in a proper fashion. Nothing says more about the owners than the way they store their liquids at home. People usually build special cases for storing good alcohol and those who do not practice safe storage, usually end up with spirits that are long-gone before even being opened. This BarMe Whiskey Decanter offers not just a storage but also adds to the decor of the house, the office or the apartment. Its wooden original design puts all other decanters to shame.

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Detailed information about BarMe Whiskey Decanter with Dark Finished Wood Stand

The capacity of this decanter is 850ml and it is enough to hold a lot of liquor. It features a stopper that ensures all the aromas and flavors are locked inside. This will keep the drinks fresh for a long time. For those who do not have the firmest hands, this decanter comes with a handy stainless still funnel that will ensure that not even a drop is wasted when filling it. This can be bought as a gift for anyone who likes their alcohol firm and fresh. It is most suitable for older family members or coworkers.