Uncommon Baby Names With Beautiful Meanings!

When you’re getting ready to welcome a new addition into your family, picking the right name can be tough for many parents unless you’re one of the lucky few who already has a name in mind. We’ve scoured the internet for the most beautiful baby boy names that also have fantastic meanings, but that also aren’t as common as you might think. If you’re one of the more alternative parents looking for a name that is unlike anything you’ve heard before, consider these great baby boy names.

1. Maximus – Greatest

As a name that is likely more common in Europe than it would be in North America, Maximus is a quintessential Roman name that was gifted to the hierarchy of society. With the meaning of greatest, you can guarantee that you’ll be giving your child a name that they can certainly live up to, whether they’re the greatest in certain areas of their life or overall.

2. Ekon – Strong

If you’re looking for something that is out of the norm, Ekon is definitely a name to take into consideration. With the meaning of strong, you’ll be able to teach your son all of the fundamentals of what it means to live up to his name. He could be strong physically, emotionally, or have the strength to keep your family together as time progresses.

3. Axel – Father of peace

Also the name of one of the most influential artists in rock music, Axel is a phenomenal alternative name derived from Danish societies. With that being said, in North America, it sounds just as cool as it looks, which is perfect for parents looking for something out of this world.

Meaning, father of peace, it’s the ideal name for a little boy that will always put everyone else first and ensure that all sides are heard in a discussion.

4. Phoenix – Mythical bird that rises from the ashes

If you’re a fan of Egyptian mythology, you’ve undoubtedly heard about phoenixes, as they are mentioned quite often as birds that are able to be reborn from their ashes. A phoenix never meets its end and every time it is reborn, it is stronger than before and wiser, helping it to guide others through life so that they can be stronger as well. This is why we love it as a name for a baby boy (or girl) because no matter what struggles they face in their lifetime, they will always be able to come out on top.

5. Abba – God

As a name that is frequently used in Israelite renditions of the Bible, Abba is the name that they use for God, which is a great name for a religious family who doesn’t want to settle with the traditional names such as “Christian” or “Joshua”. Not to mention it’s also the name of the Swedish pop band known for their hits such as “Dancing Queen”.

6. Nicolas – Victorious

Strength and resilience are two characteristics that your child deserves to have behind their name, which is why Nicolas is one of the more popular names on this list. There are also plenty of different ways that you can spell it, ranging from Nicholas to Niklas, but they all have the same meaning, victorious. Another alternative meaning for Nicolas is a conqueror of the people.

7. Nigel – Champion

Another great name derived from Europe, Nigel is Irish in origin and it comes from the original name Niall, which is also a great option for parents who are looking for something a little outside of the ordinary. With the meaning of champion, Nigel is a heavy name with a robust meaning that will stick with your little boy throughout his entire life.

8. Pax – Peace

Pax could easily be the short form of Paxton or you can simply name your child Pax if you’re looking for something that is short and straight to the point. Pax means peace and is English in origin, though its meaning is derived from Latin. Paxton, on the other hand, means peaceful settlement, which is perfect for someone who would be interested in creating a healthy and happy home environment for their family.

9. Pierce – Rock

Growing up, your son will be there for you in many situations and you might find yourself referring to him as the family rock, which is why Pierce should be a name to take into consideration. It was rather popular during the 90s and over time, has died out in popularity, but it is still as elegant as it was in the past. English in origin, it’s also a variant of the old English name Peter and the more modern Piers.

10. Hayden – Hedged valley

If you’re the type of parents that enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors and you think your baby will as well, you’re going to want to find a more organic name that related directly into nature, such as Hayden. With the meaning of hedged valley, it was once a surname in the past but has transcended to be a beautiful first name for either a baby boy or girl.

11. Harper

There isn’t a specific meaning for the name Harper, but we felt that it should be on this list as it’s also the name of one of the most notable authors of all time, Harper Lee. There is some evidence that suggests it was a name used as far back as the 1800s, but we love the tranquility and edgy nature of the name that makes it a little unusual. It’s also unisex, which is perfect for parents who would like a name for a boy or girl.

Final Thoughts

Naming your baby can lead to a lot of pressure, especially when you think about the fact that they will use their name for the rest of their life. With that being said, between you and your partner, you’ll easily be able to select a name that encapsulates all of the positive traits you will teach your newborn son to have.

From strong and resilient to nature-inspired and tranquil, this list will surely become very useful when it comes time to name your new baby.

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