Ultimate Slime Kit

Kids always want to do something spooky at Halloween and what more fun could it be than to make their own slime. They don’t even need this for Halloween, it would be fun for your not-so-little-ones to make and play with slime at any time of the year, and it’s educational as well! This perfect combination of science and fun is a great way to get your kids interested in chemistry and the science of materials.

The Ultimate Slime Kit supplied by Ultimate is a DIY way for your kids to make glow in the dark, color changing and glitter slime. Inside the kit, there are more than ten recipes and experiments your kids can try together with all the ingredients they need to make this wonderful gloopy slime. Not only will the kids have great fun making this silly stuff, but they will also be learning the science behind it too. Your kids will love to play and learn at the same time, what’s not to like?

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Detailed information about Ultimate Slime Kit

It is perfect to buy this gift for Halloween, birthdays, holidays or any rainy day when the kids are bored and can’t get outside. It is definitely worth the price to keep your kids away from the computer games.

The ingredients include all you need to make the gloopy slime as well as a thermochromic powder which will provide the color changing technology, glitter and glow powder. Not only are the ingredients provided, but the manufacturers also supply all the equipment necessary to make the slime as well as some storage containers and a zipper bag to keep everything together.


Fun for grow ups too

Educational toy

Teaches kids that all science is fun