Pilestone TP-020 Color Blind Corrective Glasses

Being blind is a disability that can be hard to live with. You live your day without being able to see the world around you. It is something that with time, technology, and by means of a miracle can be fixed. There are two types of blindness; you have regular blindness where you simply cannot see and then you have colorblindness where you may not see any color at all or you may see colors but they are different from what the rest of the world can see. Up until this point, there really was no ‘cure’ for colorblindness. You simply just had to live with it as people thought it was not that important to fix. So, if you have colorblindness or know someone who does, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could finally ‘see’ the way the rest of the world does? Well, you can which is we now introduce to you the Pilestone TP-020 Color Blind Corrective Glasses!

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Detailed information about Pilestone TP-020 Color Blind Corrective Glasses

So, just what are the Pilestone TP-020 Color Blind Corrective Glasses? They are glasses that simply correct your color blindness enabling you to finally ‘see’ the way the world does. One thing to mention is they are not prescription based glasses so if you are near or far-sighted, they will not ‘enhance’ your vision. They only fix color blindness. One other thing to mention is the glasses do not fix complete color blindness as cases of complete color blindness are very very rare. It will fix your common red-green or yellow-blue color blindness. The glasses themselves are over $100 but if you think about it, getting to be able to finally see may be well worth the cost. Now, as the glasses fix your eyes from color blindness they also can act as sunglasses. You heard that right! The glasses will protect your eyes from UV400 rays. Finally, one really great thing that Pilestone does is if you find out that the glasses do not absolutely work for you, you can get a full refund back with no strings attached!