Tactical Folding Knife in the Form of a House Key | ThatSweetGift

Here is a discrete little protection item that masquerades as a simple house key on a chain, but in fact is so much more. This little gem opens up to become a small and compact blade, perfect for just a bit of protection when you or your loved one needs it.

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Detailed information about Tactical Folding Knife in the Form of a House Key | ThatSweetGift

This folding knife has a multitude of uses, including opening letters and boxes, and numerous everyday tasks. It is also the perfect gift to give to someone in your life who needs a little something to feel more secure on her walk in the dark to her car or while traveling alone. It is small enough to be subtle and convenient, but large enough to give a person a feeling of confidence and safety.

This product folds up to 7.5 centimeters and is efficiently compact. When you need it, the product opens up to a small sized knife with an overall length (handle and blade) of 12.7 centimeters.  This folding blade would also be a perfect addition to your camping gear, lightweight and compact, easy to carry anywhere without any added bulk or pounds, and able to handle many of the tasks that usually require carrying a larger knife. Talk about convenient!


Compact and discrete, overall folded length of 7.5 centimeters
When folded this item looks like an everyday house key
Perfect for a little piece of mind when walking alone