Nightmare Before Christmas -Jack and Sally Shadowbox Frame Wall

Remember Jack Skellington in the classic movie “Nightmare Before Christmas” where he decided to steal Christmas to enjoy all the goodness of the holiday, take Santa and bring everything Christmas to the town of Halloween?

If you have watched this epic movie, then you can recall that Jack assigned Christmas themed tasks to the citizens of Halloween Town including the beautiful Sally who was a lovely rag doll and secretly in love with Skellington and had doubts about the whole idea, but he tasked her to sew him a red coat. After all the adventures and horrors, Santa brings Christmas and Jack and Sally declare their undying love for each other at the graveyard.

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Detailed information about Nightmare Before Christmas -Jack and Sally Shadowbox Frame Wall

This wedding shadowbox from Paint and Paper Craft with a Nightmare before Christmas theme will make an excellent and unique gift idea for the 1st anniversary, wedding, engagement, or a bridal shower. More so, if the recipient happens to be a fan of the movie, then this gift will be received with lots of appreciation.

It features a bride and groom who are made up as Jack and Sally to bring about the memories of the movie and the epic scene where these two declared their love for each other. This is a handmade shadowbox, crafted with a combination of origami paper and cardstock.


A wedding shadow box meticulously crafted and mounted on acid-free cardstock

Comes framed and ready for display

Laser printed with couples' details, i.e. their names and wedding date

Carefully packaged to arrive at its destination intact