IZOD Men’s Tattersall Long Sleeve Shirt

Crafted to meet your needs, the IZOD Essential is a timeless piece that never fails to amaze. For the guy with an impeccable sense of style, the IZOD Tattersall is the perfect wardrobe essential. Whether hanging out with friends, going out on a dinner date, or attending a corporate event, the IZOD Essential long sleeve shirt is definitely every man’s go-to wear for just any occasion.

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Detailed information about IZOD Men’s Tattersall Long Sleeve Shirt

The right shirt is the cornerstone of every man’s wardrobe. Not only it’s the first thing they put on in the morning, but it’s also their last line of defense. No wonder shirts are the most sophisticated piece of clothing available to mankind. Men can be complicated creatures when it comes to clothing because like women, they have their own sense of style. They strive to make their investments worthwhile when it comes to clothing, especially shirts. So what will you give the fashion-forward man in your life, someone who brags about quality and functionality in everything he wears? Worry no more, IZOD has got you covered!