Love You Forever Personalized Photo/Text Message

Sometimes you don’t need the most expensive gift to say “I love You, or “I adore you” because gifting someone that you love doesn’t have to dent your pockets and leave them dry. When it comes to loved ones, it’s the thought that counts and the assurance that we love them, every time, anywhere and every day.

Here is a special gift that will always make your love known to that special person in your life. This engraved metal wallet insert by Queenberry will be a fantastic way to let someone know how much you love them anywhere they go. Turn your “I love Yous” into this durable mini insert and let your loved one carry your love everywhere they go.

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Detailed information about Love You Forever Personalized Photo/Text Message

What a nice way for a loved one to always feel the presence of your love, whether you are with them, or far away? A wallet is one of the most important personal accessories that people take with them anytime they step outdoors. Every time they reach out for the wallet to pay for something, this insert engraved with words of your love and a memorable photo will always be there to constantly remind of the special bond the two of you share.

This insert is the size of a credit card measuring approximately 3.5"x 2"x 0.002". It's designed to fit perfectly in a wallet. It's made of stainless steel, a premium quality material, durable and meant to last just as your love will for the recipient. The best thing about this card is that it won't bend or get damaged.


Designed to fit into a wallet

Insert made of stainless steel

Permanently engraved

It's durable