Tsoomi Magnets Loving Me Loving You: 10 Love-Themed Magnets

Marriage is a wonderful moment in a person’s life that requires a lot of celebrating and commemoration. For most of us, we only get married once and that is something to drink a toast to when your wedding day comes.

But right now, someone dear to you is finally tying the knot and you can’t be any happier for them that they met their soulmate. To get the love going, why not give your dear friend or sister/bride to be something that will remind them of the once in a lifetime intimacy and devotion her future spouse currently share?

We think there is no better way to refresh their memory long after the wedding day is done other than gifting them this love-themed magnet set from Tsoomi.

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Detailed information about Tsoomi Magnets Loving Me Loving You: 10 Love-Themed Magnets

A collection of ten simple yet heartwarming refrigerator magnets to inspire love in the home, these appropriately colored kitchen magnets are a tangible reminder that your home is a safe space where love thrives.

The ten durable magnets are 2 by 2 inches in size and feature loving quotes that encourage, warm and touch the heart with every word. This set makes the perfect wedding gift!

Inspired quotes on magnets included are “all of me loves all of you”, “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me”, “that silly smile I get when I think of you” and “all the good things in my life are better with you” and a few more guaranteed to brighten even the darkest of days.


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