Magnetic Poetry – Shakespeare Kit Magnets for Fridges

Remember when refrigerators were always full of magnets? Some fun, some useful and some commemorating a special time. The best magnets were always the ones that were interactive, that spelled words or made up stories. Now, you can bring the joy of magnets back into someone’s life, with Magnetic Poetry’s Shakespeare Kit – Words for Refrigerator. Keep children entertained while you’re cooking or cleaning and teach them something as well. Who knows, maybe it could even inspire them to be a writer one day! The best part is, adults and older generations can also get a kick out of making funny sentences. It’s also a great way to expand vocabulary and strengthen your brain.

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Detailed information about Magnetic Poetry – Shakespeare Kit Magnets for Fridges

The kit contains over 200 themed magnetic word tiles that can be moved around to form sentences for poems, stories or even messages to people you live with. But, they’re not just words, they’re Shakespearean words some of which include “bawdy”, “wherefore” and “maiden.” The combinations you can make with all of them are endless and deliver so much laughter or insightfulness - people will play with them for hours!