TOMOLOO Hoverboard Fully Reviewed

Gifts are sometimes hard to pick out for people. There are some people who you don’t know very well yet you still want to get them a gift. Those people could be your boss or perhaps a friend you do not know very well. Then there are people who pretty much have everything so getting something they don’t have is the real challenge. In other instances you have things like Secret Santa gifts and with that you just have to make a guess at what he or she will like. So, what do you do then? Well, you did one thing right by coming to as we know some pretty sweet gift ideas! With that in mind, we know just the perfect gift to get someone! It’s the perfect that kids and adults will all like! What is it? Well it is the TOMOLOO Hoverboard!


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Detailed information about TOMOLOO Hoverboard Fully Reviewed

So what is the TOMOLOO Hoverboard? Well, if you have seen a series of movies called Back to The Future then you probably have some idea of what a hoverboard is. If you haven’t seen the movies, it is a 3 part movie series in which is about this scientist who designs a time machine and this teen accidentally gets sent back in the past due to an accident in which the adventure just begins which takes place in the past, present and future. In one part of the movie, this teen boy ends up in the year 2015 which is considered the future as the move was made in the 80’s. As he is there, he ends up riding a ‘hoverboard’. This was basically a skateboard that could ‘hover’ over air. Fast forward to 2018, we unfortunately do not have actual hoverboards yet. What we do have is something different but still called a hoverboard. This incantation is more or less a segway minus the handles on top. In essence, it ‘hovers’ across the floor with its wheels.  With this particular hoverboard, it comes with an all-terrain traction system, smart bluetooth speakers, and even has color changing LEDs in the back!