Though She Be But Little She Is Fierce – Shakespeare

Are you looking for a befitting gift for a special girl or lady in your life? How about you take a look at this beautiful little plaque from Mountain Meadows Pottery. This unique ceramic wall sign is not just like any other ordinary sign you have probably come across. This particular one is specially made for a special girl, or a newborn baby girl, or preemie sweet little baby girl, or that beautiful woman who is a bit short but they all strong, fierce yet so adorable.

Each sign is skillfully handmade using soft clay and carefully decorated to precision to come out so beautifully. Made in the USA, these special plaques are sleek and adorable. Although each piece may slightly vary in size, they measure approximately 4″ X 6″. The plaque weighs about 5.3ounces which is pretty ideal for a sign that size and adds a quality character to it.

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Detailed information about Though She Be But Little She Is Fierce – Shakespeare

But what stands out with this plague is the blueberry floral pattern with a whimsical feel around it which makes it adorably cute and charming. The plaque is then beautifully engraved with a sentimental but an infamous funny Shakespeare quote "Though She Be, But Little She Is Fierce."

The quote is meant to appreciate and inspire small girls, babies, and any short woman. It’s a nice way of reminding them that they are a force to reckon with; they are fierce even though they appear little.  This gorgeous ceramic sign would also be a hit for a Shakespeare fan.


Handmade with great workmanship

Has a beautiful baked-on-glossy finish

Has a beautiful floral pattern

Comes beautifully packaged