Novel Teas 25 teabags With Literary Quotes

What is arguably the best gift for those who love literature? Obviously you can’t buy them a book because each person has their own favorites and the purchaser doesn’t know what they have read in the past. The ideal gift would be something that they could enjoy while reading their favorite author so what better gift than a cup of English Breakfast Tea.

This gift from Bag Ladies Tea is a pack of 25 English Breakfast Tea grown and supplied by the Ceylon Tea Company. English Breakfast Tea is a full flavored black, caffeinated tea that has a taste and aroma all of its own. Not only is this a really good variety and brand of tea, each teabag has a tag showing a quote from a well-known literary classic author.

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You can imagine your best friend curled up on the couch, nose buried in a good book and sipping from a lovely cup of hot Ceylon tea. What more could they ask?

This useful little gift is perfect for lovers of good quality tea, the literary classics and the Victorian era. This would be a thoughtful gift for serious book club members or for those who just like to read the occasional paperback thriller. Whether the recipient spends a lot of money on buying books or borrows everything they read from the Public Library, the message is still the same; they enjoy reading.

All the quotes come from classic authors of the 1800s and include words from Rita Mae Brown, Margaret Oliphant, Louisa May Alcott and many more popular authors of the day talking about the benefits and enjoyment to be had from the art of reading.


This is a good quality English Breakfast Tea supplied in tea bags with a literary quotation on each tag. What more can you ask for

The quotes are from quality authors of the 1800s

A lovely all round experience for the book lover


This product is good as a special gift but far too expensive for regular purchases