The Queen Is Dead – Smiths

The Queen Is Dead is arguably one the greatest and most popular Smiths’ album. It never disappointed when it was first released in 1986 and ever since the album has had quite an influence from one generation to another. It created excitement everywhere, and everyone was rushing to get a copy back then just to listen to hits which included “BigMouths Strikes Again”, “I know Its Over”, The boy with the thorn on his side”, “Never Had No One Ever”, among many other amazing and irresistible hits.

Now there is an even better upgrade of The Queen Is Dead album that is bound to be a favorite to any Smiths band fan or a music lover. Morrisey and Co. did a great job back then in the 80’s but these new remaster of the Queen Is Dead album is beyond anyone’s imagination. Its splendid with excellent sound effects complete with a lyric booklet and amazing photos of the Big Ben. This upgraded album will certainly be the ultimate gift you can give to a Smiths fan this Christmas.

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Detailed information about The Queen Is Dead – Smiths

The album is a fantastic and cool remaster. The versions have been upgraded and are even better. Anyone who receives this album will have a great time listening to their all-time Smith favorites and the hits of all time. It's a perfect throwback and truly a test of time. The record label of the upgraded remaster which is Warner Bros. have outdone themselves with this upgrade with an expanded version of this amazing album.

The fans will have a great time listening to hit after hit. What an amazing feeling it is to listen to “I Know It’s Over” on a clear and audible version? It will be an incredible experience for a long-time fan of the Smiths, and they would be pleased to have this amazing remastered album.


It features a remaster of the 2017 album

The upgrade version sounds better with clear quality

Available in 6 formats

Available in 5 amazing discs