Cassette Tape To MP3 CD Converter Via USB

In the last 50 years or so, we have seen several advances in audio technology. From 1960s vinyl LP records, 1970s 8-track cartridge to 1980s compact cassette tape. The cassette came with more versatility and freedom that allowed people to perform tasks that would otherwise be more expensive or too difficult to achieve. Recordable tapes made it possible to record songs from the radio and record conversations or other verbal communication.  Like other analog technologies rendered this media obsolete with the introduction of CDs, MP3s, digital downloads and live streaming.

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Detailed information about Cassette Tape To MP3 CD Converter Via USB

Even though the cassette tape is dead, there are still millions of tapes sitting around in boxes and cabinets. Many of these tapes have contents that cannot be found in the digital era. Voice recordings, radio broadcasts, audio recordings may be lost forever if those tapes are thrown away. But there is finally a way to bring them back to life. This Cassette to MP3 converter allows the user to recover the audio from tapes. This converter allows anyone to transfer the audio onto a computer and converting them to a digital format.