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Zion Judaica Chanukah Mug and Bookmark Gift Set

This happy and colorful mug with a matching bookmark will make the perfect Hanukah gift this year. After all, who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee and a great book?

The cup is covered with decorative and colorfully printed words denoting everything that we love about Hanukkah gifts; peace and love, happiness, good family times, and of course food!

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Detailed information about Zion Judaica Chanukah Mug and Bookmark Gift Set

From doughnuts and latkes to being together and playing dreidel and singing songs, or gathering around the menorah and lighting candles, all of these things bring on the warm feelings that we experience when sharing this special season with family and friends.

The high-quality ceramic Hanukkah mug is covered with brightly printed words done in vivid colors.

Edged in the same Hanukah-related words, the center of the marker is beautifully embossed with two stunning mirror image silver menorahs.


Bookmark has a tassel and an embossed menorah printed with silver ink

The cup is decorated with many words that are synonymous with happiness

Comes boxed in a fun and colorful gift box ready for giving