The Original Cat Beard Mug

Here is a fun way for anyone to enjoy a cup of tea, coffee or any of their favorite beverage with at least two cats nearby; an actual cat and the one that is depicted in this cat beard mug by Nacisse. If you haven’t already purchased this cute mug, it is time you made it a gift item to the cat lover in your life including your friends and loved ones.

This cat beard mug is not only a humorous gift, but it’s also quirky, and novelty and will make a fun gift to the women in your life such as your mom, wife, girlfriend, sister, grandma daughter aunt or a special friend. Be ready for lots of laughter the moment the recipient unwraps the package and lays their eyes on this funny cat mug.

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Detailed information about The Original Cat Beard Mug

The mug has the most fitting depiction of a cat, and it will appear as if one is drinking from a cat. In fact, it will transform their face into that of an adorable cat animal.

It features creative artwork well displayed on a transparent glass cup. The cat design is simply cute and lovable, and it will without a doubt make a cat lover out of anyone. The mug is made of glass, and as funny as it might appear, this mug is quite practical. It can hold 16Oz of drink.

And because it’s a large glass mug, one can choose to fill it with a generous amount of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cappuccino, juice, soup, chai tea latte or any of their favorite beverages or whatever the heart desires.


A unique glass cup designed with a cat beard artwork

Comes in an attractively decorated package

Excellent gift idea for any occasion

Suitable for any beverage