Wedding Picture Frame with Engraved Glass

This lovely wedding picture frame by J. Devlin Glass Art is a beautiful way to celebrate the new couple. This handsomely crafted and unique gift is sure to be a favorite keepsake. The personalization makes this gift a one of a kind item for the newlyweds.

This gorgeous personalized wedding photo frame is handcrafted by stained glass artists at the J. Devlin Glass Art Studio. The artisans at J. Devlin take immense pride in the continuation of such a time-honored and beautiful craft from yesteryear. Each piece is skillfully and traditionally crafted by hand by one of their dedicated artists with the utmost care.

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Detailed information about Wedding Picture Frame with Engraved Glass

This attractive frame is crafted in traditional stained glass style, using lead-free solder to protect the environment, in conjunction with brilliant high-quality art glass. The glass used for this frame is comprised of different elegant shades of clears ranging from a pale grey to an antique yellow and finished off with the use of various textured clear glass panels.

Additionally, these panels are etched with the specifics of the married couple for whom this stunning photo frame is being given. The bride and groom’s first names together along with the date of their union and Mr. and Mrs. ___ (using the new couples surname of course), all signifying a beautiful union of two beautiful people.


Personalized laser engraving of their wedding date, along with their first names and their Mr. and Mrs. moniker

Beautifully crafted traditional stained glass construction done with various textures and pale colors of art glass

Self-standing with triangular glass sides and a glass base for added stability