Clear Plastic 6 Sided Photo Cube

This 6-sided photo cube from MCS would make such a lovely and fun gift to a loved one this Christmas. In fact, its size, 3.25x 3.25 inches makes it a perfect stocking stuffer for a loved one or friend. Photo gifts are always hit. They are thoughtful, fun and unique, only made for the receiver. Thus, instead of giving it out the photos on the usual frames we are used to, it would be fun to have the photos well displayed in a dice looking all cute from all directions.

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Detailed information about Clear Plastic 6 Sided Photo Cube

This photo cube is absolutely fantastic. Anyone who receives it will be thrilled at how the photos come out nicely with an excellent display.

The cube is pretty sturdy and holds up really well. It measures approximately 3.25"X3.25," and it can hold up to 6 images of the same size as the cube dimensions. Therefore, each cube can hold 6 photos of 3.5X3.5 inches in size. This gives you an opportunity to choose the best photo images of the receiver and beautifully display them on all six sides each highlighting the best moment of their lives. How amazing is that?

You can purchase this cube as valentines' gift for your spouse or loved ones and have their photos well fitted. Or, you can give it to your daughter or son with different memorable photos neatly displayed on all sides.


The cube is made of clear plastic; its sturdy and holds up well

The cube can fit up to 6 photos

It looks good on the desk as a décor item