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Being involved in a wedding is such an honor and such an exciting time! While everyone has a special role, there is a certain unique bond between the bride and the father of the bride. Seeing his daughter all grown up, walking her down the aisle, it is a big deal! While most of the attention on the big day goes to the bride and groom (and deservedly so), it is nice to also give some attention to the parents of the bride. This is an emotional day for them as well, and they have undoubtedly put in a lot of work to make their daughter’s wedding day perfect! A great way to thank them for their hard work is to get them a thoughtful gift. This guide, in particular, focuses on the father of the bride gifts and is filled with plenty of perfect, unique gift ideas. If you aren’t sure what to get him, you’ve come to the right place. Browse our gift list and see what you find!

10 Things to Consider When Buying a Father of the Bride Gift

Searching for the perfect father of the bride gift? Keep these 10 things in mind while you shop and they’ll help guide you towards the perfect gift!

1. Get him something he can wear on the wedding day

This is a great gift idea and one that is both practical and will serve as a keepsake from your big day! This could be his tie, a new pair of cufflinks, or any other item that you would like for him to wear on your wedding day. Even if he doesn’t wear it again, he will have it as a wonderful reminder of the beautiful day.

2. It is okay to be sentimental

In fact, it is a perfect opportunity to get sentimental with your gift for your father! Thank him for all he has done for you, remind him of your favorite things to do when you were a child, frame an old picture, write a long letter, these are all priceless gifts that he will enjoy forever.

3. Share a laugh

We also think sharing a laugh is a great way to bond and make for a great father of the bride gift. Consider a humorous gift idea to help lighten the mood on the wedding day. It is a long emotional day- for both of you! Having a laugh will be a much-welcomed change in mood and is sure to be enjoyed.

4. Consider your favorite memory

What is your favorite memory with your father? Use that as inspiration for your gift! Did he use to take you fishing? Get him a new pole! This will not only be a great gift he can use but also will help remind him of some of your favorite memories and is sure to bring a smile to his face (and probably a tear to his eye).

5. Bring him into the 21st century

Is your dad a bit outdated when it comes to, well, everything? Bring him into the current century with a useful or fashionable gift he can use for years to come! From a new pair of headphones to a nice pair of sunglasses, or a new pair of tennis shoes, he’ll appreciate that you want to keep him looking and feeling young!

6. Cheers

If your dad likes to drink, why not get him a bottle of his favorite alcohol? This may be a nice bottle of whiskey, a lovely bottle of wine, or simply his favorite beer. Share a drink with him on your wedding day - it’s something you’ll both bond over, and it will also help you calm your nerves!

7. Consider something you can do together

For most dads, they are sad to see their ‘little girl’ grow up and get married. There is of course also excitement, but the sadness is undeniable! This is partly because he knows he will be seeing you less as you start your new married life. A great gift idea is something you can do together - maybe a game, or a puzzle, or even tickets to an event.

Not only is this a gift he will enjoy, but it will also remind him that you will always be close to him and won’t stop spending time with him just because you are getting married. He might never admit he is sad, but the truth is, he probably is! This is a great way to comfort him while also getting him an awesome dad gift.

8. A joint gift can be perfect

As in, a joint gift for both your mom and dad! They are both so excited to see you get married but also feeling a little down that their girl will be gone. Consider getting them a gift that they can use and enjoy together.

This is a great way to help them both bond and focus on something positive after the wedding. Just make sure you spend time with both of them individually on your big day so that they both feel important - because they are!

9. Go for comfort

Let’s face it, planning a wedding is stressful! Get the father of the bride something he can use to relax for a bit once the wedding is over. Perhaps a nice book, a new soft robe, or a back massager. Trust us, he’ll need it!

10. Deliver in person

This doesn’t have to do with the gift itself, but rather, the delivery. Make sure you do this in person! Giving your father this gift is not just about the gift itself, but the moment between you two.

If the wedding day is too busy, do it in the days leading up to it. Give it to him in person and thank him for everything he has done. Trust us, it is a memory he will cherish forever.

Meaningful Father of the Bride Gifts

The father of the bride has a very special role on his daughter’s wedding day. He gets to see his little girl all grown up and marrying the man of her dreams! In most cases, he’ll get the honor of walking her down the aisle.

It is such a special moment for any father, and for any bride as well! Are you the bride getting ready for your big day? You’re probably thinking about getting your father a special gift! It is a wonderful way to thank him for all he has done for you- not just for the wedding, but over your entire life!

Fathers are some of our most important role models and are a major reason why we are how we are today. Do you have a lot of great memories with your dad? All of that culminates in getting married and walking down the aisle. Thank him for all his hard work, his pep talks, and his wisdom, with a thoughtful gift that you can give to him on your big day!

While yes your wedding day is all about you, we know that you are feeling incredibly thankful for the people in your life who helped you make it to this point. Of course your groom, that goes without saying, but also your parents! If you are fortunate enough to have your parents with you on your wedding day, it makes sense you would want to get them something special.

We Know Exactly the Type of Gifts that Will Be Appreciated

The only downside to considering getting a gift for your father is that- you likely have no idea what to get him! What do you get the father of the bride? We are here to answer that question. Our gift guide is filled will all sorts of perfect gift ideas that any father of the bride would love. From sentimental items to humorous ones (trust us- it is good to fit in some laughs on an otherwise very emotional wedding day!) to gifts he can use the day of the wedding, there is a lot to choose from, and we have thought of everything.

No matter what your father’s personality is, and what your budget is, you can find him the perfect gift. Most of the time it is the bride who gets a gift for her father- but perhaps you are a sibling, or spouse, or connected in some other way to the father of the bride. Don’t feel like you can’t get him a gift as well! This gift list is perfect for anyone in need of some inspiration for the perfect gift for the father on the day of his daughter’s wedding.

If the wedding day is approaching, you need to start thinking up the perfect gift! Especially if you are the bride, you have enough to worry about planning your wedding. Check out our gift guide and cross ‘father of the bride gift’ off your to-do list in no time at all! Don’t delay- start your shopping today!

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