Lillian Rose White Cotton Keepsake Hankie

A daughter has a special bond with her father that lasts throughout her life. When the daughter finds a partner and finally gets married her father can feel empty as if he has lost part of himself. At times like this, his daughter should remind him that she still loves him and will do so forever. This little token from Lillian Rose is just the thing to reassure her father that he has not lost a daughter but gained a son.

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Detailed information about Lillian Rose White Cotton Keepsake Hankie

This lovely handkerchief measures 13” x 13”, is made from 100% cotton and has a special message printed on it reassuring her father that he hasn’t lost his daughter.

If you are organizing a wedding either for yourself or for someone else then bear in mind that Lillian Rose provides these commemorative handkerchiefs for many different people and for many different occasions, each one with an appropriate message printed onto the cotton.

There are actually seventeen different hankies designed for fathers, mothers, grandparents, step-parents, sons, daughters, new baby and a generic message suitable for anyone. While we are talking about the printed message it is worthwhile mentioning that there are a couple of customer reviews that suggest the printing will not stand up to a hot wash, sometimes needed for handkerchiefs. For a memento, it is a lovely gift but make sure that it is not used as a hankie is normally used when one has a bad head cold.


This hankie is a lovely memento of a special occasion

The manufacturer provides hankies with messages suitable for various occasions