CJ&M Money Clip for Dad

Whether he is your father, or the father to your wife-to-be or a father figure you have grown up and always admired as your role model, their presence in your wedding will without a doubt mean the world. He will not only walk the bride down the aisle and hand her over to you, but he will also be the one to open the speeches and give her the most precious dance of her life, father-daughter dance.

Now, you have only one important task; to find a befitting gift to appreciate him, one that will match his emotions and prepare him for the day. In case you at a loss what to buy, worry not for we have you covered. This little but cute money clip for the dad from CJ&M will be one the best gift from the daughter to her dad or from the son to the dad.

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Detailed information about CJ&M Money Clip for Dad

This will make an excellent gift to the father of the of the bride. It is a perfect gift with a funny yet sentimental message to show him that he is loved and how important he is to your lives. It will also be a perfect gift to appreciate your dad on Father's Day, Christmas, or Thanksgiving Day.

But it’s the engraved message on the money clip that makes it a perfect gift idea for the father of the bride. The phrase is creative and funny. It reads “For The Little Bit of Money My Daughter Hasn’t Taken Yet." This will sure give him a good laugh at your wedding.


An excellent gift for the father of the bride with a creative and funny message

Made of high-quality material

It's durable

Comes packaged in a CJ$M branded gift box