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Personalized Wedding Slippers

A wedding comes with so much joy although the planning process can be hectic. As you go about sourcing for wedding supplies, it is essential to include the essential people in your life. For example, you could get a little gift for mom, brides, maid of honor, etc. to wear on the morning of the wedding.

This pair of personalized wedding slippers could suit them as they all prepare for the big day. They will be the perfect flip flops as they make sure everything is running smoothly for her daughter’s big day. Again it will be a matching game for the morning photo-shoot.

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Detailed information about Personalized Wedding Slippers

The slippers are made of cotton upper for durability and comfort. The sole is made of a runner to ensure they get the right grip on the floor to prevent sliding. They have a white towel material that is super soft for the feet and warm enough for the early morning. More to this, the flip-flops have a full fitting to ensure everyone fits just right.

What makes the slippers suitable for a wedding morning is the printed detail on each pair. This means everyone in the bridal team gets a pair. And, the moms are not left out as well. The print is in metallic theme embroidery that is permanently stitched on the upper fabric. The white color makes them stylish and does not go against any color theme for the wedding.