Personalized Custom 2D/3D Holographic Photo

Photo gifts speak personally to the receiver. It’s a thoughtful way to appreciate and celebrate loved ones and show them that you truly care for them. Besides, a photo gift is not only a unique gift idea, but it’s also a beautiful way of capturing and preserving memorable moments of a loved one. This beautiful personalized 2D/3D holographic photo engraved crystal is an excellent photo gift idea to someone special in your life.

It is a personal gift customized into a great display that will without a doubt impress the receiver. It’s a beautiful way to capture memorable moments for a loved one in an elegant and classic presentation. All you need to do is upload a cherished or memorable picture of the receiver, and the technicians will expertly make any necessary adjustments.


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Detailed information about Personalized Custom 2D/3D Holographic Photo

They will etch the photo and customize it to multiple layers to create a stunning 2D/3D photo image inside the crystal glass. Even better, you get the opportunity to personalize it with free 2D/3D text engraving inside the picture. This way you not only get the chance to have a beautiful photo etched beautifully inside, but you also get to add a favorite caption inside the photo.

3D Laser Gifts offers you different sizes options ranging from small rectangle which measures approximately 1.96X3.14X1.96 inches to XXX rectangle with dimensions of 5.9X7.9X3.1inches. You can choose the desired size at different prices and have the photos beautifully customized into 2D/3D inside the paperweight glass crystal.


The photo is beautifully etched into a 2D/3D display with engraved text inside the crystal

The holographic photo comes beautifully and safely packaged in a fancy gift box