Men’s Great Father of the Bride Tee

Weddings are always a special occasion for the bride and groom but have anyone ever thought about the other family and guests at the wedding ceremony? After the formal stuff has finished and that means not only the ceremony but the formal meal, toasts, and speeches, it is the time for the guests and the wedding couple to let their hair down. Of course, once the best man, bridesmaids and couple’s parents have changed, they really aren’t that distinguishable from any other guest. That is where this idea comes into its own. How about getting them a funny tee shirt or some other item of clothing to show the other guests who they are?

This tee from Funny Dad, Papa & Father T-Shirt Gift Collection is something that the bride and groom should consider buying for her dad to change into.

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Detailed information about Men’s Great Father of the Bride Tee

The tee comes in five different colors and is either 100% cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester depending on the color.

This is a good quality tee shirt made from lightweight fabric, with a classic fit and having a double needle sleeve and waist hem. It is sold in sizes ranging from ‘SMALL’ right up to ‘XXX LARGE’ so it should fit just about any size daddy.

If by any chance the wedding is going to be a formal one all the way through then why not buy this tee for the bride’s father when he attends the bachelor party and is allowed to let his hair down.


Cute and funny relevant slogan

A range of colors

Good quality tee shirt

Can be machine washed

100% cotton or polyester-cotton blend depending on color