Daddy’s Girl – I’m So Happy You’re My Dad Photo Frame

For a Daddy, every daughter is a princess, and someone he will protect with everything he has. There are certain times in a daughter’s life that her Daddy would love to keep as a memory; when she is born; her first step; her first tooth; her first word. All these are marvelous moments in her life but are not the only times.

What better way to mount these photos than in a special frame designed especially for your daughter and her Daddy. This frame is the perfect gift from a daughter to her Daddy (even if you have to buy it when she is tiny).

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Detailed information about Daddy’s Girl – I’m So Happy You’re My Dad Photo Frame

This is such a sentimental message from a daughter to her Daddy. The picture frame is made from a brushed silver colored metal with picture grade glass fronts and a black velour backing. The two frames are hinged to allow the entire item to stand on a table or display shelf. If you prefer, it is possible to remove the poem from its frame and another photograph put in its place. It is completely up to you and Dad.


This double picture frame has space for a poem (included) and a photograph (not included) or for two photos

The frames accept standard 4”x6” photographs

Made from brushed silver metal with a glass front and velour backing