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The Awkward Storyteller Party Game

Time with friends and family on those chill Friday nights is truly worth every minute. Such moments call for fun activities to pass the time while creating memories with special people. While chats and back-time stories could be interesting, incorporating a party game would involve everyone and make the moments even more interesting.

How about playing the Awkward Storyteller Party Game? This game will allow not only optimal participation for everyone in the meetup but also improve personal interaction with each other. The game can be a perfect addition to an upcoming party with friends, a movie night or a reunion with peers.

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Detailed information about The Awkward Storyteller Party Game

The fun of the game is determined by individual participation. It is not geared towards a competition but as a creative type of responding to the questions. In short, everyone has the role to make it as fun as it can be in the way they give their responses. The game suits groups of 4 to 11 participants which makes it suitable for most people meet-ups.

So, how do you play the game? It starts with one participant picking a card and reading the caption on it. Amazingly, the caption should be the first line of their story, and the rest should ask questions about the cards they pick. So, the storyteller should be creative to get a realistic story from the caption and the questions asked. The game is suitable for ages 16 and up.


Interesting game outline

Easy to play with a group of friends


Not suitable for everyone