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Banksy – “Life is beautiful” Wall paper

No one can argue with the fact that Banksy, the great street artist from Britain, is controversial and thought-provoking. Now we can have a piece of Banksy’s art in our own home or office by buying  “Life is Beautiful”, a poster mural by the great Banksy and supplied by Great Art.

The poster measures about 55” x 39.4” (140cm x 100cm) and is supplied in one piece to give the owner a piece of Banksy’s street art in the privacy of their own home.

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Detailed information about Banksy – “Life is beautiful” Wall paper

The poster uses stencil art to produce a great piece of art suitable for a decorative statement for your home or office wall. Just about everyone will enjoy this piece of art, not just fans and followers of Banksy, the graffiti artist. The supplied poster can be fixed to the wall in various ways: it can be unrolled and fixed directly to the wall using thumbtacks or adhesive,(depending on the material of the wall) or it can be mounted onto corkboard or MDF and hung or if desired it can be mounted and placed inside a suitable frame to match to style of the artwork.

The poster is made by the company Great Art, who supplies many other domestic designs intended to improve the decoration in the home or the office. This one specifically would look great in the kitchen, the kids’ room, the communal living room or in an adult’s bedroom. Use the modern and utilitarian style to provide the starting point for decorating the room that will set the tone for the remainder of the décor.


This product is the perfect gift for anyone who has ugly bare walls in their home.

This is suitable for any room in the house or even in the office

Suitable to be hung straight on the wall using thumbtacks or adhesive or can be mounted on corkboard and hung or placed inside a suitable frame