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Sparkle Farts: The Original Farting Unicorn Plush

Kids will always look for something interesting in the gifts they get, They either want something that has humor attached or something that can help them learn. On the side of playing with toys and having a good time, you can find the right toys for kids to enjoy with peers.

One of those is this Sparkle farts funny unicorn doll that will make them laugh when they least expect it. It is designed for children above three years and will spice up their play time. It can be a lovely gift for a child’s birthday or any other event.

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Detailed information about Sparkle Farts: The Original Farting Unicorn Plush

So, how does this funny character work? The stuffed animal will fart every time you squeeze the belly. To make it even more entertaining, the doll will also point out phrases such as, ‘do not squeeze me, I'll fart.' This will happen every time you squeeze the taco bar on Sparkle's belly. Isn't this hilarious? Now imagine little ones getting the impression that Sparkle fart; the reaction is priceless.

The package comes with several items for play. That includes one Sparkle Farts plush, two temporary unicorn tattoos, and a poster. The set is suitable for all ages and can be a lovely item for a family game times together with the kids. The plush measures 8 inches and s made from 100 % polyester fiber. Now, every time Sparkle farts, everyone will think someone in the room did it.