I Cannot Live Without Books: Literary Tattoos for Book Lovers

Imagine having tattoos based on the books one most loves! Now people do not have to! With these literary tattoos for book lovers, everyone can get their piece of a favorite quote. All literary memories and best characters now can come alive and materialized on one’s skin.  These literary tattoos feature mantras for book lovers, exemplary book-themed quotes, and celebrations of punctuations. Bibliophiles can be inked perfectly in a non-permanent way using these amazing temporary tattoos. They are published by Chronic Books.

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Detailed information about I Cannot Live Without Books: Literary Tattoos for Book Lovers

Chronic Books are known for publishing gifts and books that are quite unique and distinctive. Electric pop culture, bestselling cookbooks, journals, acclaimed works of art and design, award-winning children's title and stationary are just some of the things they do, promote and produce. Their crafted publishing often gets the instant recognition due to their spirit and their creativity as well. The temporary tattoo format is designed in such a way that it can reference the graphic elegance and reminiscence of a classic book. It also comes with a bookplate that reads 'this book belongs to...' on the inside cover.