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TTHO Game Smart Watch Kids Smart Watches

When choosing a gift for kids, you ought to consider what they like and that the item has some fun attached to it. Most times, you would get them toys and games to keep them preoccupied after school. But, you can get a fun gift that will also help them in their day to day activity. A smart watch would come in handy and still play a part in their fun activities. This one from TTHO is designed for kids and would be a lovely gift for a birthday or any other occasion.

The watch comes in a bright pink color all around the band. It has cool features that your child will love and carry it always. It has a 1.44-inch color screen design with amazing effects to suit kids. Also, the watch allows two-way high definition communication. It enables you to keep track of your child whereabouts and talk to them when you want to. The band is made of safe materials, so you do not have to worry about your child’s health.

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Other exciting functions include an alarm clock. That can help your child develop good habits of waking up to go to school, setting time for homework session and growing time management skills. Also, they can use the calculator to help them in solving mathematical problems or use the recorder to keep exciting moments. It has a puzzle game and an extended standby period allowing your kids to play and watch for a longer time.