Shawn Mendes Signature Gift Set

Most teenaged kids like to receive smelly stuff for Christmas and this product is aimed right at the tastes of the older teenage boys and girls. There is no longer any need to be worried about not knowing what to buy your teenaged son or daughter this Christmas as this product can be given to both genders. The “Signature” fragrance endorsed by Shawn Mendes and sold by Simply Fragrant is a new fragrance specially designed to appeal to women and men and the whole gift set contains three containers of complementing eau de parfum.

There is a Eau de Parfum Spray holding 3.4 fl oz. (100ml), a container of Body Lotion containing 5 fl oz (150ml) and a Eau de Parfum Rollerball Roll-on containing 0.33 fl oz (10ml) liquid. All three containers come arranged in an attractive cardboard presentation box featuring a photo of Shawn Mendes using the products.

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Detailed information about Shawn Mendes Signature Gift Set

One of the good things about this product is that there are three separate applications of the same fragrance so that there will be no need for conflicting fragrances. The body lotion will ensure that the user’s skin remains soft and flexible while being gently perfumed by the lotion.

The Roll-on deodorant concentrates on those difficult areas around the armpits and is longer lasting while the eau de parfum spray can be applied to neck, wrists, behind the ears or whether else it is required and is small enough to be slipped inside a bag or in a pocket for reapplication later on in the evening.


The product comes as a body lotion, a perfume spray and as a roll-on deodorant so there will be no conflicting fragrance

Although the roll-on and body spray containers are too large to carry around, the perfume spray is just the right size to slip inside a pocket or bag