Sexy Stripper Pin Up Collectible Coin

Here is a random gift item to get for a boyfriend or husband to add a little sparkle and fun in your bedroom. The Orchidtek sexy stripper pin-up is a good luck heads and tails challenge coin and will be a fitting gag gift for that hard-to-please-man in your life for any occasion.

The idea behind the coin is pretty hilarious and super creative. You can be sure this will be received with loads of laughter. It’s a unique commemorative coin, and it will become a treasured collection and souvenir to the person who receives it.

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Detailed information about Sexy Stripper Pin Up Collectible Coin

This sexy stripper coin will do the talking. If he flips the coin and gets the tails, you get the head, and if he gets the heads then you can get the tail. Its admittedly super naughty and a must have in the bedroom for couples.

Whether you are looking to have a great time with your partner or just want to add some little bit of humor in your home, bar, or with the boys, this novelty coin will sure get your pursuits and have everyone talking.


A fun gag gift for any occasion

Made of quality material

Great addition to a pub decoration