Seedling Parker: Augmented Reality Teddy Bear

The Seedling Parker is a stuffed teddy bear that is actually – partially alive. What we mean by ‘partially alive’ is that the power of science and technology can make this bear seem alive. The thing that makes the bear come to life is called Augmented Reality. When activated through AR this product can be played with in many ways. Kids can play games like doctors with it. In this way, they can provide the bear with care as they will help it to cure tummy aches, take its temperature, cool a fever, look at its bones or sooth a scratchy throat.

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Detailed information about Seedling Parker: Augmented Reality Teddy Bear

Through the power of any phone, the AR effects can be turned into reality. While everyone thins that the operation would require the use of batteries or cameras - that is not true. Parker is a fully stuffed animal and it has no batteries. Also, no camera or wifi is needed to play with it. Just as people have emotions, Parker has them too! The more someone takes care of him the bigger his happiness becomes!