Revolar Instinct

We all want to keep our loved ones safe. It is our human instinct to provide care and safety for the people around us. Whether in our home, around the neighborhood or on a vacation, it will be good to have a piece of mind, knowing that everyone we love is safe. Now with the small portable personal safety device called the Revolar Instinct, a person can stay safe everywhere they choose to go. With a simple button on this device now anyone can call for help. It is a great gift for teens and children, especially when it is their first time going out and coming back home late.

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Detailed information about Revolar Instinct

This waterproof tracker is perfect for people of all ages. It works by linking the device to the app via Bluetooth from any smartphone. It is compatible with both, Android and iOS. Very easy to use, it can be activated by pressing the click system to alert the pre-programmed people. It even allows the user to customize a message. Since it is discreet enough to be seen or heard, it can ensure that loved ones are always getting the help they need when a moment of crisis arises.