Retro Finger Ring Bracelet

Are you looking for a statement piece for the fashionable teenager in your life? Look no further. This AutumnFall fashion bracelet finger ring is extremely in style. This type of jewelry is very popular and is sure to be an instant favorite. Add this to any fashionistas arsenal of jewelry and they will be able to accessorize nearly any outfit or style.

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Detailed information about Retro Finger Ring Bracelet

While this style is very popular, the ring/bracelet itself is unique. With the blue bead there is a slight pop of color and the silver offsets it very well. The other beads and the clover or flower shaped detail near the bracelet tops this piece off and makes it something everyone will want. This ring and bracelet bangle can be dressed up or down. Wear it casually to a football game, bonfire, or to walk around the mall. Or dress it up for a nice dinner, family event, or back to school party. It will look great with nearly any outfit and get a lot of complements.