Pure Country Weavers – In Harmony Wolf Tapestry Throw Blanket

This beautiful tapestry depicting three wolves howling in the winter moonlight makes a stunning wall hanging but would be equally as functional when being used as a warm and cozy throw blanket.

Forsomeone who loves the outdoor lifestyle with camping and hiking, or maybe someone who has an affinity for the mysterious wolf, this tapestry blanket would make an ideal gift.

Pure Country Weavers are billed as the first weavers in America, and as such, they have the historical distinction of weaving blankets for the soldiers during that incredibly important war.

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Detailed information about Pure Country Weavers – In Harmony Wolf Tapestry Throw Blanket

It is their dedication to the craft that has kept them at the front of their art for well over 200 years. Pure Country Weavers take great pride in their art form as well as in their distinctive heritage.

The centerpiece of this particular design depicts three mystical and beautiful wolves howling in the moonlight in a snow-covered darkened forest.

The lupine trio consists of one white wolf, one gray wolf, and one black wolf, all baying at the moon with the towering pine trees silhouetted by the bright full moon as the backdrop.

The overall color palette is done in subtle white and blue tones, making the coolness of the snowscape almost palpable.


Made with woven highly textured jacquard cotton

Can be cleaned easily via washing machine and dryer

Equally at home adorning a wall or draped over the back of a couch or chair