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The Woman in the Window: A Novel

Most people would think gifting readers can be a simple task. But, it indeed isn’t considering the selection you have to take part in it. Think of what interests them, their typical kind of stories and what glues them to read more. With this in mind, you should be able to pick a book they can enjoy timelessly.

How about choosing books that keep bringing about surprises when one least expects? This one by A.J Finn is one of such books that will want the reader to keep flipping pages for more. The book can be a great additional gift for a reader’s special day.

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Detailed information about The Woman in the Window: A Novel

The book, ‘the woman in the window’ features Anna Fox who lives alone in New York. She suffers from a case of agrophobia and so stuck in the house for a long time. While glued inside the house, Anna occasionally watches film noirs from her collection and sometimes interacts with people online. There are times she spies on her neighbors, and this explains her plain and silent life in her apartment.

As the story goes on, Anna witnesses a horrible crime in the neighborhood. As any other person would do; call the police, Anna does none of that. The author gets everyone on surprise with this among other incidents no one expects. This outline gives the book a unique yet relatable experience reading it. It not only gives the reader a break from your routine evenings but also a lesson to carry home.