Professional Unisex Lab Coat

One of the essential items for medical practitioners happens to be a dust or lab coat. It comes in handy to protect the underlying garments and also works as a comfortable piece in the busy day of a health provider. Most coats come in a similar design, but the quality varies from one manufacturer to the other.

If you are looking for quality and durability, then you should consider doing a little more research on the topic. This coat from Dr. James could be a lovely gift for someone that works in the medical department. Regardless of the event, a nurse, doctor or lab technician will find it useful.

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Detailed information about Professional Unisex Lab Coat

The coat is made from quality material to last a long time and withstand frequent washing. It consists of 65 % polyester and 35 % cotton. This combination ensures the coat holds up well and provides optimal comfort to the user. To add on comfort, it has two side hip-length pockets and an additional one at the chest. These all come in handy to carry essential clinical equipment, writing materials, etc.

Why is the coat different from the rest? Dr. James' collection aims to improve users experiences by providing coats that match the health standards and are comfortable at the same time. Also, the lab coats are designed to fit most male and female body shapes and still keep up with style. Regardless of the working environment, the coat will indeed put you to the task in comfort, style, and professionalism.