PortoVino City Wine Tote Bag

When it comes to wine, some people take it a step further from being a casual drinker who does not care for the brand to a bonafide wine aficionado.

Their beverage of choice makes a special appearance in an avid wine drinker’s daily dinner, parties or just winding down after a long day’s work.

If they could bring it with them while they are on the go, they probably would. And to that we say, they should. Presenting the Portovino Wine Tote, a fashionable and uniquely functional tote bag every wine lover will definitely appreciate. One of a kind unusual gift for everyone!

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Detailed information about PortoVino City Wine Tote Bag

The Portovino Wine Tote houses a BPA-free wine pouch that holds up to 2 bottles of wine (equal to 1.5 liters of your liquid of choice) and is securely hidden in the tote’s secret insulated pocket that keeps your drink chilled long enough for you to enjoy it.

Did we say that the secret compartment is also patent-pending and is secured with a zipper?

Now you do not have to worry about bringing your own drink to the beach, festivals, parties, shows and other places you may want to enjoy wine – with the Portovino Wine Tote, toting your essentials while also carrying your favorite is now an easy and convenient feat.


Has a hidden compartment for the wine pouch

Wine comes out in a faucet-type spout for easy pouring

A great price for high quality and very unique bag

The bag is spacious enough to fit a lot of things