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Portable Indoor/Outdoor Lock Box Fully reviewed

Is your loved one about to travel? Or do you have a special friend or a colleague whom you are about to bid farewell to? Goodbyes can be horrible, but we have to let go. A send-off gift can make the goodbye a little bit bearable. It’s a way of saying that even if you are gone, here is something that will always remind you of me.

If you are looking for a perfect going away gift, nothing beats the SAFEGO portable lock safe. It’s not only an ideal going away gift, but it’s also practical, and it will come in handy for someone who is traveling. The portable/indoor lock safe box is a lightweight safe, conveniently small and strong enough for traveling.


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Detailed information about Portable Indoor/Outdoor Lock Box Fully reviewed

A close look at this lightweight, safe box will show you why it has earned this excellent rating. This portable safe box weighs 1lb with an interior space of about 88cubic inches. Its about 7" X 4" X 7.5" in size which is an ideal size for carrying around while traveling or going to the beach, hotel, office, in the car, while camping, or keeping at home and much more.

The box is simple and the realist safe you will ever come across. It has an adjustable 17'' high-quality flexible steel cable which can securely lock the safe box around any fixed object. The lock, which is made of nickel -plated zinc alloy is resistant to water, salt, and sand erosion. But that's no all the good qualities of this SAFEGO box safe.


The safe box is portable

It can be used outdoors and indoors

The safe has an adjustable 17” heavy-duty steel cable

The lock is made of nickel alloy

The box is made high-quality ABS plastic shell

It is highly rated online with hundreds of positive reviews

It's water resistant, weather resistant, and rust resistant