M&R Digital Counting Coin Bank

The culture of saving has been there since the introduction of currency. Fortunately, many people practice saving in their household where they allow even kids to participate. The advantages of keeping coins after shopping are that you can have some when you need to shop next time other than spending them all on unnecessary items. For kids, it is essential to teach them how to save and be responsible for how they spend the little money you give them. For this reason, why not get yours an M&R digital counting coin bank.

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Detailed information about M&R Digital Counting Coin Bank

One advantage of using this jar is that it counts each coin you drop inside. It is useful for all USA currencies including Nickel, dime, half-dollars, etc. The bank comes with batteries to keep it on while you drop your coins. It has an LCD display at the top where you can read how much you have saved each time you add coins. The screen turns itself off, so you do not have to worry about power loss.

The jar is made of sturdy plastic so it can last a long time. You do not need any tools to put it up together since it comes as a complete item ready to use. It makes it suitable for a gift since you don’t have to prep it before you can give it to someone. It is a favorable item for school going kids and can help them improve their saving skills by setting targets.