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Pollock Coasters

When you are invited to a Thanksgiving dinner, or Christmas dinner, a housewarming party, back yard BBQ party, or any other gathering, you should never show up empty-handed.

This is probably something that most of us grew up knowing. But looking for a host or hostess gift can be tricky.

However, the secret to getting the perfect hostess/host gift is to get something thoughtful and enough to match the effort the host put into putting together the occasion but keep it simple.

And since we want you to get another invite from the hostess, we picked for you this art lovers set of this stylish Pollock coasters by MoMA.

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Detailed information about Pollock Coasters

Nowadays, coasters are just not those little but innocuous functional pieces you find on the coffee table or the dining table purposely placed there to protect the furniture.

They have transformed to become additional pieces of table decor, and they are stylish and sophisticated. They come in all manner of styles.

If they are plain, no one is likely to pay attention to them other than when they are about to place their drink on the table.

And because when we receive guests, the first thing we do is to serve them with drinks, next to glasses coasters become a huge part of the presentation.

And this set of unique quirky coasters will, without a doubt make a remarkable impression.

They feature high-quality imagery of the greatest artist of all time; Jackson Pollock who stood out for his unique style of splashing and dripping liquid and thus the name Jack the Dripper.


High-quality coasters featuring sophisticated images of Jackson Pollock artworks

Easy to clean

They are stylish and appealing