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Personalized Pen Set for Cooking Professionals

This elegant personalized pen set has an element of status and style that would be welcomed by cooking professionals anywhere. This gorgeous pen duo makes for an elegant and classic gift that is sure to be appreciated and treasured for years. The set is the ultimate symbol of success in the kitchen or anywhere in the busy world of the culinary arts.

From the detailed chef design on the gift box to the exquisitely crafted wood encased pens, this gift is unique, classy, and simply stunning.

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Detailed information about Personalized Pen Set for Cooking Professionals

It would be at home sitting on the desk of a head chef or a sou chef, and equally beautiful with these stunning pends clipped in the top pocket of a chef’s jacket. Regardless of where they reside, the recipient of this gift will be honored and thrilled to have these beautifully engraved pens as their own.

The detailed engraving on the outside of this case depicts the silhouette of a chef complete with a chef’s hat as well as the tools of the trade, the cutlery, on either side of the chef’s image in the form of a knife, spoon, and fork. Inside this wonderfully intricate case, there are two high-quality pens, both done in the same elegant maple hardwood with brilliant gold accents. Each of these pens once again is professionally laser engraved with the chef’s name for the ultimate personal touch.


Made with clear and high-quality unstained maple hardwood

Handsomely boxed in a professionally engraved maple gift case

Two personalized pens in each set, ballpoint and roller ball