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King Solomon’s Table: A Culinary Exploration of Jewish Cooking from Around the World

Those who are conversant with the bible will agree that King Solomon was one of the most interesting kings in the bible. Apart from having many wives and concubines, this wise king’s temple is believed to be one of the most famous temples in history.

King Solomon was, indeed, a complex man. He was wise, a ruler, a leader, builder of the temple, a poet among many other great things. He had it all!

But wisdom is not the only thing that he portrayed. Apparently, this great king of all times had a fine culinary taste and a great appetite.

According to this book titled King Solomon’s Table by Joan Nathan, King Solomon, driven by a passion for discovery, he explored different cuisines from different cultures.

The book reveals that this biblical king is said to have sent out emissaries to all corners of the ancient world.

This resulted in massive cross integration of different culinary cultures which up to today still bear positive fruits.

Remember, this king had 700 wives and 300 concubines and, of course, most of them had different food traditions.

With King Solomon’s explorations and great appetite in mind, Joan Nathan, (dubbed as the queen of American Jewish cooking) in her book, King’s Solomon’s Table, puts together more than 170 recipes and goes beyond to give an insight into the Jewish culture.

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Detailed information about King Solomon’s Table: A Culinary Exploration of Jewish Cooking from Around the World

Through these recipes, Joan explores Jewish cooking from Israel, to India, Italy, Africa and beyond.

She covers classics dishes such as Yemenite chicken soup with, cilantro, parsley, and Dill, slow-cooked brisket with vinegar, red wine and mustard, among other traditional dishes from all over the world.

Each recipe is shared with history and illustrations. In fact, the book is filled with gorgeous illustrations, fascinating historical details, delectable recipes, and even personal histories.

The author showcases a world of dazzling diversity in culinary traditions, which date back to more than three thousand years.


A well-written cookbook exploring Jewish cooking and culture

The author, Joan Nathan, is a bestselling and an award-winning cookbook author

The book is available in hardcover