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30 Medium Wood Dreidels – Classic Chanukah Spinning Dreidel Game

Are you by any chance shopping for Hanukkah gifts for your kids or special family friends? Being time for celebration, we highly recommend this pack of a classic spinning dreidel by Izzy’ n’ Dizzy.

Because of its proximity to Christmas, which falls on 25th December, Hanukkah nowadays includes gift-giving and holiday decorations. However, these are customs closely associated with Christmas traditions.

A true Hanukkah tradition usually includes Chanukah, which is the Jewish Festival of Light.

During this time, they will light the Menora or Chanukhia, a ritual that involves lighting eight candles with the Shamash, which is the helper candle used to light all the other candles.

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Detailed information about 30 Medium Wood Dreidels – Classic Chanukah Spinning Dreidel Game

During the ritual, they will say blessings, make merry as they eat potato latkes which are basically pancakes, and also eat sufganiyot-jelly doughnuts.

As it is the custom, the kids will be playing dreidels, which is a game of chance played with unique spinning tops.

This pack comes filled with 30 medium wood Dreidels. These are quality four sided pieces made of premium materials free of toxins and BPA-free.

They are absolutely safe to play with and environmentally friendly. They are designed for the spinning game; thus, they will balance and spin upright without falling or toppling over easily.

Chanukah is a fun game popular for children and has been around for generations. Other than providing loads of fun during Hanukkah festivities, this toy is educational.

Spinning the dreidel promotes and facilitates fine motor skills. But most importantly, it encourages the kids to connect with their traditions.


Fun and educational toy for the kids

Made of safe materials

The pieces are available in different colors and sizes

Great Chanukah gift