P Graham Dunn What I Love Wall Art Puzzle

A small uplift on a dull surface makes all the difference. Think f a printed rug on the floor, a flower pot on an open space or a simple piece of art on a plain wall. All these can be achieved by searching and getting creative on this internet corridors.

But, if you are looking for something more specific, then the search can take more than you expect. For a family gift, you want to select something they can see and remember you more so treasure the moments you share with them. This puzzle wall sign from P Graham Dunn is the perfect one for a family.

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Detailed information about P Graham Dunn What I Love Wall Art Puzzle

It is made of wood fiberboard which is polished to last a long time. The wall plaque measures 12 inches by 12 inches making it perfect for small and large spaces. It has some weight which is a guarantee of good quality weight.

It has a wood plank siding design which makes it have the look of natural wood plank style. One more thing, the wood plaque comes with heartwarming words imprinted on the surface. For added style, the words have different fonts and designs to spice up the look. The sign comes ready to on the wall making it easy for installation.


Quality wood plaque

Beautiful colors and designs

Lovely message


Small size