Oliasports Welcome Aboard Cloth Life Ring

The nautical theme has become an increasingly popular decoration choice. It is fun, cute, and people just love it! Anything related to sailors or the marine world in general makes such a great décor choice. Since this theme is becoming so popular, there are more and more choices of décor related to the nautical theme on the market. This adorable little cloth life ring has got to be a favorite and a must-have of anyone into nautical things! This makes such a sweet and thoughtful gift for a sailor or just anyone that has a nautical themed area or simply adores this style!

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Detailed information about Oliasports Welcome Aboard Cloth Life Ring

Just to be clear, this is not an actual life-saving device like a real life ring but is instead just a super cute piece of décor. It is actually very lightweight in order to make it very easy and safe to hang it wherever you want to put it at. It is made of a lightweight foam material but is wrapped in high-quality muslin-like white fabric. It has an off-white look to it and is wonderfully accented with navy to further enhance that nautical theme. It has 4 different navy stripes around it and a white rope that goes around the entire ring connected at each of the navy stripes. This gives it an even more realistic and finished appearance.